Introducing: Josh Aitken upcoming indie soloist from Leeds

I’d like to introduce to you Josh Aitken; he’s not shy experimenting with his sound, with every release he provides a different approach to his music. Incorporating pop and blues into a nostalgic melting pot, I guarantee there is a Josh Aitken song for everyone.

Having only just started to release music early this year, Josh has hit the ground running - firstly with the success of his EP 'Such Stuff Dreams Are Made On' followed shortly by the latest single 'Just A Friend'.

Lasting nineteen minutes and fifty-five seconds, we're taken on a musical journey during the six-track EP of many emotions, which appear to be about someone close.

Firstly, we hear ‘Ain’t That Bad’ a funky tune which will reassure you that in fact – it ain’t that bad. Josh’s distinctive vocals capture your attention in this song and carry you right till the end of the EP. The next track, ‘Mestre’ has a softer approach, but isn’t one you should brazen past – Josh sings ‘forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought we were going somewhere’ and you can’t help but feel empathy for the situation.

Following on from this we have, ‘Nothing Really Came To Mind’ shortly followed by ‘Enter: You’, ‘9th floor Mestre’ and ending on the lovely – ‘Night Time Dreaming’ no words are needed here, instead we just listen to some stunning guitar playing which rounds ‘Such Stuff Dreams Are Made On’ nicely.

I have to say all the best EP’s originate from love, loss, and all the other events that really pull on your heartstrings – and Josh has been inspired by those personal moments, whether the person is fictional or real, and created an EP worthy of everyone’s attention.

Give it a listen below:

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