Introducing Kitty Fitz

Spring has blossomed; you and your mates are driving into summer by exploring a new world beyond education. Your paths soon to part, but first, there is one final summer to enjoy together. The sounds of Kitty Fitz encapsulate the turbulent, tantalising transition into womanhood.

An enchanting combination of female laughter and sparkling synth opens Kitty’s debut single ‘Split Ends’ creating majestic imagery of young girls growing up together. The layered vocals enhance the ethereal atmosphere while fascinating over the muse, ‘I hear your voice in every sound’. The confidence the girls bring one other supersedes home comforts, ‘I don’t even know where my home is, but I found you,’ implying that they provide a guiding light in times of loss and confusion.

‘Never Better’ is the response we want the exes of the world to hear, but the real message behind Kitty’s break-up song is honest and vulnerable, ‘it’s not easy’ to move on. The opening is stripped back to subtle keys that accent Kitty’s voice, outlining her longing for more from the lover that made her feel small. There is a resilience within the vulnerability though, she describes that while she is leaving the party, she is ‘not going home alone’. Our protagonist is either liberally leaping into a new romance or she is accompanied by newfound strength celebrated by the introduction of the beat in the chorus.

Her latest release, ‘Saving Face’, transports us back 80s with a burst of bright, synthetic pop. A dreamy track to escape the city with the windows down on a fresh summer’s day.

If you’ve ever found yourself suppressing your feelings in the early stages of a relationship then you’ll relate to the lyrics. Kitty Fitz sweetly sings from the point of view of a self-doubting lover who apologises for mistakes that are yet to be made, confessing ‘I know I never get these things right’ while seeking a chance to be in love. The two-week-old romance already has the lovers wearing one another’s clothes, but is our singer celebrating or criticising that?

Kitty Fitz describes herself as an alternative pop artist and producer from South-East London who brings to life the wholesome, yet chaotic energy of the girls’ bathroom in a nightclub. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lorde and Caroline Polacheck, Kitty’s work is for those fellow self-confessed liabilities who enjoy getting a little too drunk and falling in love too hard.

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Written by Cathy Bastian


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