Introspective - Long Live the King

Since forming in 2019, Introspective has exploded onto the music scene with their take on indie-rock/alternative-rock music. Making a big noise down south, the boys have played nine shows so far; including a sell-out 02 Academy2 Islington show at the young ages of 17-18. What an incredible achievement. Despite their age, they shrug off any infancy and do not lack any knowledge of what it means to be rock stars. And they’re only just getting started, who knows where they’ll be in a year or two?

Following on from releases ‘Disney Propaganda’ and ‘Immortal July’, Introspective is back with a brand-new release ‘Long Live The King’. Beginning with an epic guitar riff which makes me reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon, the song then branches into angry vocals which tell the story of individual power and tyranny, ‘I am God when will you learn?’. Overall, ‘Long Live The King’ is an epic rock n roll song, with mouth-wateringly heavy guitar solos which I can imagine causing a riptide in the audience at Reading and Leeds Festival. I can picture it now: Introspective tearing up the stage and a chaotic, insane audience screaming back the words.

So, keep an eye out because Introspective are not ones to be forgotten about!

Stream, ‘Long Live The King’ below!

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