Jellyfish in Space - Flower Town

I love reviewing bands with unique names, it makes the reviewing process even more enjoyable. So, today I would like to introduce to you Jellyfish in Space, best friends who have made music since the age of ten, Joshua Shannon and Joe Mitchell.

Latest release ‘Flower Town’ takes on the theme of escapism, losing yourself in a fantasy world to avoid facing the everyday difficulties of reality. I think we’d all like to do that, wouldn’t we?

Beginning with what sounds like a water fountain, leading into a chilled psychedelic sound, featuring swirling synths and slow authentic vocals from Joe, you will be left intoxicated by this well-crafted release.

Hoping to set themselves aside in the music industry, the duo has so effortlessly with their unique sound.

I'm excited to hear more from them. Give 'Flower Town' a listen below!

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