Kickin' Lilies - All These Bad Dreams

FFO: Foo Fighters, Feva, The Pale White and Nirvana

Sunderland alternative-rock group Kickin Lilies are here with their long-awaited single titled ‘All These Bad Dreams’.

Forming as a low-key supergroup back in 2018, the alt-rock five-piece began performing in their hometown Sunderland, supporting previously reviewed Docksuns and The Pale White for two sold-out shows. In January this year, Kickin’ Lilies was named one of Independent’s must-see acts of 2020 and I can’t say I disagree.

With lyrics that are not only relatable but will also make you reflect, Kickin’ Lilies have produced a classic-rock tune that I believe would leave even the Foo Fighters in awe of their talents.

I can’t get no peace, the things everybody’s saying to me is killing me, spilling me over, I’m constantly hungover…”

Comprising of vocalist James Boak bringing strong vocals and an authentic rock ‘n’ roll vibe, we also have guitarists Ethan Burford and Morgan Punton, Kyle Stoops on bass and Cameron Henderson on the drums.

And can you believe it, ‘All These Bad Dreams’ was recorded in just two days!

Guaranteed to be a favourite in a sweaty mosh pit at their next gig, ‘All These Bad Dreams’ will leave you in eager anticipation for what’s to come next.

Speaking about the track, vocalist James Boak explained: “lyrically it focuses on how negativity can affect how a person thinks or behaves”.

Give it a listen below:

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