King Fisher - Wastelands

Devon-based indie-psych rock band King Fisher are back with another stellar release ‘Wastelands’. You thought you had seen the best of them? Well, give this a listen because you certainly won’t be disappointed.

The songs raw, energetic feel resembles someone who lives life recklessly, the words “you’re a wasted man” infused with bitterness are screamed out by lead singer Patrick. Leaving us picturing a scene of a drunken fight that has got out of hand. Aggressive vocals, spine chilling guitar shrills and immense drumming showcase the delight that is King Fisher in all its glory.

Boasting an indie sound produced by jangly guitars, catchy hooks, and smooth solos its no wonder King Fisher are quickly making a name for themselves. Originally front man Patrick’s solo project, King Fisher developed into a five-piece after Patrick reached out on a social media forum. The boys haven’t been about long but have already headlined gigs at the Old Firehouse and performed a huge support slot for King Nun on their February tour. Unfortunately, COVID-19 then came along, halting the bands live progress, but hopefully, after this all blows over, they will be back and ready to set the stage on fire.

Give ‘Wastelands’ a stream below!

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