L'Objectif: Cinematic

What were you like when you were sixteen? I know for a fact, I was nowhere near as cool or creative as L’Objectif. The Leeds-based duo is an alternative music project who formed in 2017, they’ve continued to adapt their style and now slide into a genre borrowing a post-punk inspired sound.

At the ripe age of sixteen, (yes you heard me correctly! I was astounded too) the pair take the DIY approach to their music and record entirely in their bedrooms. Led by Saul Kane – vocalist, songwriter and guitarist and supported by the fantastic Louis Bullock with his driven drumbeats, the boys deliver a fresh new take on alternative music.

Latest release ‘Cinematic’ came out on the 25th August and I have to say it’s one of the best alternative tracks, wait no probably the best The M word has heard since forming early this year. That’s right, L’Objectif can have the crowning place of Best Alternative Track 2020. It’s mesmerising, the duo leads you through a delightful soundscape, where the chill vibes will wash over you and leave you in awe of the track they've crafted. Then when it’s finished, you wish it lasted longer because four minutes thirty-six seconds simply doesn’t feel like enough.

The story behind the lyrics are open to interpretation, one could hazard a guess but everyone’s different. Give the song a listen and gather your own thoughts.

But do not look past L’Objectif, because if they’re this new with this much talent I look forward to seeing where they are in the years to come.

I can’t describe how I feel,

I’m in decisions again,

I watch my heart rip out of my soul,

Collages of an empty health,

Suppose she might want something else,

The substance in her heart ain’t pure,

And as my smile begins to melt


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