Lauren Lakis introduces new visuals for haunting shoegaze rock song 'We'll Be Fine'

Giving her own spin on what we’d know as shoegaze / dream pop, Lauren Lakis showcases her stunningly raw, haunting tones perfectly in single ‘We’ll be Fine’. The song itself was originally written about an imagined future breakup with someone she was dating at the time, reassuring the person in question that there’s so much love between them, they will indeed “be fine”.

Beginning with a slow start; echoey vocals and cymbals; the song then picks up when we hit the chorus. Lakis shouts with passion abundantly shining through her vocals – ‘See you walking on the water / praying for a miracle now / won’t you fuck it up, suck it up, do you got your miracle now?’

It’s stunning, and I can’t help but hear Daughter in her voice – an equally amazing shoegaze artist which she has every ability to become as big as, if not bigger.

The visuals are something else. Filmed in a woods in Oregon, with light shining down on her as she wanders in a forest in a fairy type dress, you could even say it looked mystical. Impressively, the video was filmed while Lakis believed she had COVID, quarantined with her producer in Portland, filming in the woods was almost a too good of an opportunity to pass by.

Give the video a watch below:

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