Leopard Rays: EP Review - Time's A Factor Kid

Hartlepool’s finest, Leopard Rays delivered simmering sibling tension in their previous release, ‘Brother’ and now they are here with their highly anticipated EP ‘Time’s A Factor Kid’.

Kicking off with ‘Brother’ the EP starts as it means to go on, exploding with electrifying rocky riffs and a bad-ass attitude which is second to none.

We’re then lucky enough to be given three other tracks, the next titled ‘Daydream’. Whilst possessing a grunge feel, the dreamy guitars and crashing cymbals allow Luke’s strong vocals to come to the forefront and drive home the story of being lost in daydreams and nightmares. I have to say this song has a bit of a Green Day feel to it. I could imagine the boys accompanying them as a support act on a tour perfectly.

The third track, ‘Pass you by’ opens with a couplet, ‘Let’s pretend / we’re going nowhere / catch your breath / cos’ we’re going down’, here the quartet acknowledges the fact the world around us paradoxically ground to a virtual halt and ‘time will pass you by’. But ultimately celebrating victory as they get ready to emerge out the other end. The arrangement of this track is perfect, with slower moments as Luke's vocals take center stage and then emerging into a heavier, celebratory crash of sound.

Then we are immersed into the final track, ‘Time’s a Factor Kid’ a slower sounding tune, which showcases a different side to Leopard Rays. With a smooth opening, we’re lured into this song with the softer sounding vocals and guitars. But then, the song gets intense – we then hear the build-up of guitar riffs, and then it fades out. I have to say I was left feeling like this tune could have been a little bit longer just so we could hear the ending in all its glory.

Leopard Rays excited me with 'Brother' but now with 'Time's A Factor Kid', they have taken their sound and creativity to the next level and I am very excited about their future.

Give ‘Time’s A Factor Kid’ a listen below:


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