Lucky Iris - Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home

When approached by Lucky Iris I was excited to hear their sound, the EP cover certainly caught my eye. I know we are taught not to judge a book by its cover but, I expected something wonderful and I was given it. Turns Out We Should Have Stayed Home is the title of their four-track EP that was released on 25th April, based on a night out on the town and how sometimes things don’t go to plan and we wished we hadn’t have gone. I think we’ve all had that feeling once or, twice right?

What’s clear from this is Lucky Iris are incredibly talented. As the first track of their EP began Get Ready With Me, I was reminiscent of the great Laura Mvula. Smooth powerful vocals from lead singer Maeve “chills me” as sung in track four “I Fell Backwards”, and effortlessly satisfying instrumentals from Jasper. Sit back, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the moment created. Each track is quite simply a well-crafted masterpiece, I am truly in awe of the duo.

I would love to see the pair live. But for now, I’ll listen to their EP on repeat and eagerly await their next release.

Stream it below,

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