Luna Bay’s Rye Milligan is here with sensational new summer tune ‘Tongue Tied Up’

I truly believe Rye Milligan’s talents have no limits, firstly as we all know, he’s the lead guitarist in Luna Bay. And also releases his own music, still keeping some of the musical qualities we all love; the melodic, indie-pop guitar hooks we hear echoing in Luna Bay’s releases, but now he experiments with his own unique sound and it’s new and refreshing. I love it!

Today, his new single ‘Tongue Tied Up’ is available on all major streaming platforms. By all means, listen to it on Spotify, but first, watch the Youtube video because that’s when you truly see what the song is about and where it should be played.

It's well-produced and we can see that evidently in the video, one-man-band Rye is having the time of his life while showing off his skills. 'Tongue Tied Up' is the perfect song to soundtrack your next getaway. Picture the scene: you’re sat on the balcony waiting for your friends to finish getting ready, your Spotify is on shuffle, and ‘Tongue Tied Up’ comes on. You hear your friends shout and you all have a dance. You’ve never felt more summery or more excited for your night out and that’s all thanks to Rye Milligan.

Lasting two minutes fifty-three in total, ‘Tongue Tied Up’ is just the right amount of time. I played it on repeat an embarrassing amount of times whilst writing this review and I will continue to do so now it’s available on Spotify.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his new single, Rye shares:

“ The song all started with making a groove out of field recordings, random mundane noises

like; dropping a brush on the floor, tapping cutlery and the toaster popping. Once I had enough percussive sounds to make the drumbeat, I made it more electronic. The song lyrically then took a deeper meaning, it’s about the troubles in communication with your lover and getting your tongue-tied when around them, which we all go through at some point”.

The London-based musician has been awarded BBC Introducing’s Artist of the Week on BBC Radio Wales, played some pretty impressive support slots for; The Skints, Gentleman’s Dub Club, and Nina Nesbitt to name just a few! He even hosted a sold-out show at London’s ‘Under The Bridge’ to commemorate his late friend, producer Will Acres.

With big dreams and even bigger songs, keep an eye out for Rye Milligan in 2021 and beyond.

Give it a listen here:

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