Luna Blue - Away With You

Updated: May 24, 2020

Brighton boys, Luna Blue are back with their latest release ‘Away With You’ another collaboration with award-nominated producer Matthew Parisi. A summery upbeat tune transporting the listener with upbeat summery dreams of ‘sailing away into a tequila sunrise’. I personally can’t think of anything I would want more. The songs funky sound is perfect for a dance, whilst also having a sincere message of fending off nagging doubts and fears of being unsuccessful whilst navigating new phases of life in your 20’s. Something I think we can all relate to at some point or another.

To support the #SaveourVenues movement, Drummer Seb is tackling a 24 hour non-stop Drumathon smashing out iconic Nirvana album Nevermind today at 7pm, until collapsing exhausted at 7pm Saturday. Head over to their Youtube channel now to see!

An incredible act to raise money for a network of well-loved music venues musicians rely on heavily, click the link below and give what you can!

Check out, ‘Away With You’ below!

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