M60- "18"

If you didn’t know them already, I would like to introduce to you M60. From childhood friends to one of the best indie rock bands on the music scene, the four-piece are ones to watch. Now, they are back with another stellar release in the form of the summer-ready tune, “18”.

With no reason to hide their roots, the quartet sing with their Manchester accents similar to the likes of Oasis. Since forming back in 2015, the band have since accumulated over half a million plays on Spotify and more than twenty-two thousand monthly listeners. With their talent to create infectious, energetic indie-rock anthems they won’t be unsigned for long.

Dreamy guitars and undeniably intoxicating vocals in the form of a Manc accent, “18” will be your choice of song when you’ve got the aux in your friend's car, or you’re just simply looking for a feel-good tune.

Speaking about the track, M60 says: “18" aims to capture the energy and feelgood factor that consumed the UK during the summer of 2018 - in particular during the period of great weather when the whole country seemed to come together during the world cup" And what a memorable summer that was!

Featuring regularly on the Manchester music scene, it’s only a matter of time before M60 is the band on everyone’s Spotify. So, sit back and get ready to embrace the journey of M60 because it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Give it a listen below:


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