Macatier teases us with lead single ‘Lacerations’ before upcoming EP ‘Native Noise’

I’d like to introduce, Macatier – a DIY indie-punk musician from Bristol. His sound whilst a unique hybrid of acoustic guitar, punk rock and indie has allowed him to attract a vast audience – generating thousands of online streams and playing hundreds of gigs, playing alongside Saves the Day, Brand New, The Xcerts and Jim Lockey.

With a plethora of releases on Spotify, which have all been met with a positive response. He began with his debut release “A Year from Now” back in 2012, and he’s now here with lead single ‘Lacerations’ ahead of upcoming EP ‘Native Noise’ available from the 31st July.

‘Lacerations’ will have you hooked from the get-go; blasting onto the scene with punk but a song meaning that could be up for interpretation. Whether immeasurable pain or chronic drug use, the song is held by the engaging guitar riffs and strong vocals which will make you want to dance.

It’s the perfect tease for what’s to come with forthcoming EP ‘Native Noise’ at the end of the month.

Infection has found its way in creeping up in to my insides, both legs scarred forever, my body’s aching all the time, nice cut remove the ether dressings cover my bedroom floor, razor pains been here for weeks now, tramadol doesn’t work anymore”.

Give it a listen below:

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