Martini Police

I think my choice of picture sums up Martini Police perfectly, quirky, happy and passionate about their music. Cementing a place as Lincolnshire’s finest dreamy indie-pop band, the quartet is only just getting started. Comprising of: Harvey Foster - 19 - (Vocals & Lead guitar), Megan Clayton- 20 - (Vocals & Rhythm guitar), Cameron Patrick - 17 - (Bass guitar) And Donovan Jackson -18 - (Drums).

Looking for music to boogie to, fall in love to, get drunk too or cry to? With a plethora of releases available on Spotify, Martini Police have something to cover whatever you’re feeling. Despite having heard their music before this review (yes I am a big fan!) I put their Spotify on shuffle and allowed each song to capture my full attention, and I’m glad I did. Most the time when we listen to music we’re not paying our full attention to it, we’re doing menial tasks or chatting and not listening, but this is a band that deserves your full attention so you should grace them with it.

Upon listening to their Spotify again, I noticed things in songs I didn’t particularly pay attention to before. Their first release ‘ugly’ came out last year and featured on their debut EP “11:11PM” as the first track. Written from guitarist/bassist Harvey going through a rough time, ‘ugly’ is a stand out track on the EP, featuring a harder, more indie edge to the Martini Police which will leave you hooked from the beginning. The chorus although catchy, features the lyrics “why don’t you love me, is it that I’m ugly?” which will pull on your heartstrings. Whereas those featuring Megan Leigh bassist/guitarist, showcase a softer indie side to the band.

I have to say “11:11PM” is another stand out feature for me, featuring speeches from John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, it truly has been inspired by some of the greats.

They know we’re missing nightclubs, but so are they, so it’s time to reminisce. New release ‘Nightclub’ will be available on the 12th June. Described from the band as a new going OUT OUT anthem, I can’t wait.

I could write endlessly about how much I adore Martini Police, but my fingers would fall off. So, have a browse of their Spotify below and fathom your own opinions.


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