Matt Barton - When I Was Young

Matthew Barton, Midlands based singer-songwriter is here with the release of his glorious new single 'When I Was Young' as a teaser to his upcoming EP released later in the year with Indie Knifepunch Records.

With wistful harmonies and the use of layered guitars, the acoustic influence present in the song sets the tone for the message that Matt is wanting to drive home.

The sincerity in his vocals and well-thought lyric choice suggest this song is, in fact, a tribute to a better time, being a kid again when life was much easier.

It's perfect to listen to and reminisce of those fond memories you had when you were younger.

If you’re a fan of ‘When I Was Young’ keep an eye out for Matt’s upcoming EP which will be released later in the year, discussing queer identity and the state of the modern world.

Give ‘When I Was Young’ a listen below:

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