Matt Warren - Yellow Anorak

You may recognise Matt Warren, as I previously reviewed his single ‘Witchcraft’. As a teaser of what’s to come on his forthcoming album, ‘Because We All Want To Escape’ he has given us ‘Yellow Anorak’.

Experimenting into a quirkier sound, which has proven popular with his now ever-growing following. ‘Yellow Anorak’ still features the signature raspy vocals which we all love but is now accompanied by upbeat percussion which would be perfect for a summer’s day.

An artist with so much to give, Matt isn’t stopping anytime soon. And why should he? So, get ready for the release of his upcoming album ‘Because We All Want to Escape’ out on July 10th! Described by him as “a personal journey into loss, oppression, bullsh*t and the need we all have to escape in one form or another.. the things we do about it.. and sometimes the things we don’t”.

But in the meantime, give ‘Yellow Anorak’ a listen below!

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