Near Mrs - Headlights

Another fantastic band returning to The M Word, Nottingham stars Near Mrs released their latest single ‘Headlights’ on September 16th. In just under a month the single has been met with an epic response from the public, gaining the attention of BBC Introducing Midlands and many streams on Spotify.

Since this song dropped, I’ve had it on repeat. Whatever the occasion, I just love Near Mrs and their creativity. I’ve told a lot of friends about the band and will continue to shout loud about them.

A follow up from previous release ‘Catch of The Day’, ‘Headlights’ follows true to Near Mrs signature sound.

They’ve come back and they’re bigger and dare I say it better. Opening with an incredibly strong intro, the five-piece truly sets the scene for the musical masterpiece that’s to come. It’s engaging from the beginning, and that's important or you’d just nod off. Fortunately, you’re at no danger of doing this with Near Mrs, ever.

Ryan’s vocals are always top-notch, but there’s something different in this track that sets them above any other time I’ve heard them. Not to mention the instrumentals and the lyrics – everything comes together perfectly and we’re left with an anthemic indie-rock tune that will be met with a raucous reception when it’s performed live.

Hopefully, I’ll be in the audience!

It was The M Word’s tune of the week last week and you’d be silly not to listen to it if you haven’t already. Check out ‘Headlights’ below:

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