Norwich boys Big Leg are here with their new self-titled single

Hailing from Norwich, three-piece punk band Big Leg are here with their self-titled single, you guessed it, called ‘Big Leg’.

Keen to keep their fans happy, the boys have been recording various covers over lockdown on their Instagram ranging from Nirvana, Declan Mckenna to Sports Team. (I love all of these!)

Full of banter, ambition and quirkiness their sound certainly has attracted rather a large audience. As a follow up to the previous release, ‘Moth’ the three-piece have accumulated over five hundred and eighty monthly listeners on Spotify.

Taking a slightly heavier sound to their last release, ‘Big Leg’ explodes into a fierce punk/rock ‘n’ roll song featuring powerful instrumentation, machine-like drums, epic guitar riffs and lyrics being shouted with passion by the lead singer.

When performed live, the song will set the stage on fire, a popular favourite with fans evident by their Spotify listens, you will be head banging at every opportunity or at the very least embracing the moshpit at their next gig.

Discard your previous opinions of punk music if you are like me and not usually a fan, Big Leg have enticed me with this release and I’m sure they will do the same with you.

Go give it a listen below and fathom your own opinions!

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