Outsider pop maverick, Tom John Hall is back with the release of ‘At the Office’

If you were unaware of Tom, I would love to introduce you to him. He’s an artist whose passion for music echoes abundantly through his craft, creating lyrical masterpieces in the form of sing-along tunes which he then releases through his own independent record label titled Year Of Glad.

As a follow up from the downbeat charms of ‘Who’s Watching You’, Tom’s taken a different path and returned with the release of ‘At the Office’ an indie-rock tune with big guitar riffs which will fill the summer sky, and clever lyrics which will resonate with many. What’s not to love?

A brilliant sing-along tune which deserves to be played loud, whether through headphones or a road trip on a hot summer’s day. Tom has brought something unique to the music industry, which I am sure will present big opportunities to him very soon.

Hall says: “At the Office is a song about work. It’s also about not being able to be your weird self in the artificial environment of an office and landing yourself in a situation you just can’t identify with. Probably an all too familiar scenario for shy creatives.”

The new single is sonic reassurance for anyone feeling trapped in a mundane job, having to stifle parts of the personality and their creativity to fit in. “I want to reach out to quiet, creative people who are just blending in,”

Give ‘At The Office’ a listen below, and eagerly await the release of ‘My Big Album’ on the 31st July.


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