Perry Manning evokes melancholic frustration with ‘All Away’

Taking a more somber approach to songwriting than we’ve seen in the past from Manning, All Away is a powerful, painful ode to loneliness. With echoey tracked vocals and a haunting guitar tone similar to that of Damian Rice, you are instantly gripped with the pain of the writer. The benefit of Manning recording and producing this track in his front room is that it allows the rawness and vulnerability of the song to be fully realised, unable to hide itself with overproduction.

Manning always delivers with his lyrics, often honing into uncomfortable feelings and emotions. All Away is no different. Somewhat preemptively for 2020, Manning sings of loneliness and solitude. Nearing the end of the track there is a slight mood change as the guitar rhythm is given a bit more bounce, giving the song a more uplifting and optimistic feel. This rhythm change comes as a welcome surprise, and begins the sweeping build of the outro, which incorporates strings as well as plenty of tracked vocals in an engulfing mass of sound.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing new music from Perry Mannings in the near future, but until then I’d highly recommend exploring his music if you’re a fan of bands like Oasis and Pearl Jam.

Give it a listen here:

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