Plastic Glass - Let Me Know

Stemming from Sunderland, Indie rock quartet Plastic Glass is back with their new indie anthem entitled ‘Let Me Know’. The band comprises of Frazer (Drums), Dylan (Lead Guitar), Lewis (Vocals) and Ben (Bass) and are quickly becoming one of the North East’s most promising bands.

A song full of personality and energy, ‘Let Me Know’ is a flawless indie-rock tune that will make you fall in love with Plastic Glass, if you hadn’t already. Having supported names as big as The Snuts, The K’s, The Spitfires and The Pale White, the boys have quickly gained the attention of the masses.

Talking about “Let Me Know” Ben Richardson (bass) explains: “The song was written on-the-spot during a rehearsal and naturally developed into what you hear on the record”. Expanding further: “Lyrically, the song deals with the theme of frustration. Specifically, when people send out mixed signals and don’t commit to plans; being unreliable and effectively causing tension”.

Stream ‘Let Me Know’ below!

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