Post Rome - Want To Believe

From school friends to North East ones to watch, Post Rome are flying high. Starting the year with a bang, the trio was named a must-see act by Sunderland’s staple music venue, Independent. The alt-rock band are back with another exemplary track, entitled ‘Want To Believe’ which was released on May 24th.

Not that boxes need to be ticked, but if they did ‘Want To Believe’ ticks them all. The song delivers an energetic alt-rock sound that is perfect for lockdown listening and beyond. A well-balanced chorus is delivered, with thought-provoking lyrics that almost pulls the listener in with a metaphorical rope, “well she’s looking at you, while your eyes are on the ceiling. When asked, drummer and lyricist Jamie explained: “lyrically this song tackles quite a few personal issues whilst focussing on the main theme of feeling uncomfortable or overly comfortable in relationships.”

Post Rome refuse to be defined to one genre, determined to bring something new to the North East music scene and the fans are over the moon with it.

Give ‘Want To Believe’ a listen below,

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