Pseudo Cool: Modern Man

Ever argued about doing the dishes?

The idea for Modern Man stemmed from a simple question, ‘what’s for dinner?’ and quickly developed into a song with a satirical look at masculinity in the 21st century, echoing the frustrations it can cause in modern-day relationships. It’s witty, cleverly written with amusing lyrics that are unapologetically honest. With no doubt, the humour is emphasised by having a female sing sarcastically about modern masculinity.

Greeted with an optimistic opening, ‘Modern Man’ quickly descends into perfect chaos – which will capture the listener's attention almost immediately. Featuring driving guitars, rhythmic bass, and feisty vocals sung with a mixture of anger and light-heartedness – you’ll be reaching for the repeat button without a doubt.

Establishing in 2019, Psuedo Cool is an Alt/Indie/Punk band hailing from Maestang, South Wales. With this being their first single of the year, and with four more singles set to be released by the end of 2020 – they truly are just on the brink of greatness and I can't wait to hear what they release next.

Check out 'Modern Man' below:

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