Rob Marr - Death and Comfort

Rob Marr has returned. His prior release was his 2nd album “Anatomy” back in 2012, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. His latest single “Death and Comfort” released in November 2020, is a track taken from his Critically Acclaimed podcast “Book of man”, gaining notoriety from Rick Astley and actresses Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Coolidge.

Death and Comfort is a really powerful track, filled with emotions on topics of Marrs personal experience with losing his father and the battles that were brought on from it. When I say it’s a powerful track, I really do mean it. It's very minimalist in its recording, with beautifully constructed piano parts and the voice of Rob Marr just works on carrying the emotions held within the song. The lyrics that have been written by Marr are so meaningful and moving that just reading them you can really understand the devastation that Rob went through. With such lines as “I want the last of your heat when you're warm, I sometimes wish id given you more”. Writing lyrics like that really shows the songwriting ability of Rob Marr. To have such honest lyrics really pulls the song together.

The podcast that “Death and Comfort” is taken from examines the relationships of four generations of father and sons and is presented in short narratives and original pieces of music. I think that Death and Comfort in that context is not only a moving song in its own right but a true credit to the songwriting abilities of Rob Marr.

If you wanted to listen to either the Single “Death and Comfort” or the Podcast it's taken from the “Book of Man” links below.

Listen to Death and comfort here:

Listen to Book of Man podcast here:

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