Rory Butler - Debut album 'Window Shopping'

A rising folk star in the Scottish music scene, Rory Butler has already gathered an impressive amount of support slots, opening for Paul Weller, Richard Thompson and John Paul White. Penned and recorded between London and his hometown Edinburgh, his debut album ‘Window Shopping’ is sparked by his frustration with cyber-reality and the way it desensitises human interaction and attitudes to very real issues.


1. Tell Yourself

2. Lost And Found

3. Mind Your Business

4. That Side Of The World

5. Simon Says

6. Straight Talking Man

7. Cigarettes In Silence

8. Window Shopping

9. Lynda’s Café

10. Have I Come Down

Armed with his guitar and a tongue in cheek sense of humour, Rory’s songs dance on the dichotomy of happy tunes with a serious message. With himself on vocals and guitar, he is also accompanied by: Matt Ingram (drums), Tom Mason (bass), Euan Burton (bass) and Nick Pini (double bass).

Talking about his album, Rory says: “My main issue is that it implants a negativity in impressionable young minds. It can be damaging to younger generations where there is an ideal and image that is difficult to aspire to, and its modelling young people an impossible reality. It equates to addiction. I’ve even been caught up in it, and I resent it.”

Opening track, ‘Tell Yourself’ sets the scene for the album – we’re taken on a musical journey, which features excellent finger picking acoustic foundation and vocals which could remind you of John Mayer – laid back but Scottish. It’s mesmerising, well-crafted and when you’ll get to the album you’ll be in awe of Rory but disappointed it’s finished.

What I’m trying to say is, it’ll finish and you’ll want to play it on repeat – there’s no song that isn’t perfect for every occasion. I warmed to each song, and I can’t personally say I had a favourite, I loved all of them.

I for one cannot wait for Rory to release more music, but for now I shall have ‘Window Shopping’ on repeat!

Check out ‘Window Shopping’ below:

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