Sam Hutchinson - Your Soul

Given Leeds-based Son’s Arcade are on the verge of releasing their debut EP, it is perhaps in some respects surprising to find that their lead singer Sam Hutchinson also released his debut single Your Soul on 6th January 2020.

We are not complaining in the slightest given that Your Soul offers a classy stripped back raw quality relaxed ballad. Sam’s assured tuneful but slightly gravelly delivery gives some inevitable comparison to perhaps Kelly Jones cooler, sharper younger brother.

Sam was inspired to write the tune after seeing a press report about a young guy’s death in a car crash. This led to Sam thinking about more than just the immediate news story, but the love and loss beyond it. Consequently, Sam’s lyrics speak about the impact upon loved ones, and what the boy himself was perhaps thinking at the time.

A second car crash involving Sam himself, as well as the pressures of the pandemic, led to Sam realising that as well as thinking about others, it’s important too to look after yourself. After that, the song felt too raw and personal for Sam to draw into the bigger multi-layered sound of Son’s Arcade, and it led him to release the track as a solo song. Other tracks that will benefit from the raw stripped back feel, that is perhaps too personal and introspective will be on the solo debut LP too.

Hearten your own soul by listening to Sam Hutchinson’s Your Soul here:

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