Sam Seccombe - Waiting on Your Love

I am delighted to introduce to you SW London Artist, Sam Seccombe. No newcomer to the music scene, he has conjured quite a following since his first Spotify release back in 2018, ‘Write the World Away’. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Sam is not afraid to appear vulnerable in his music and writes with sincerity and emotion in each release.

2020 has been a difficult year, but Sam has taken it in his stride and has still been able to create. First, we saw the four-track EP titled ‘Long Time Coming’ telling the story of a long-distance relationship, shortly followed by the release of ‘To Be Quite Frank’ and now ‘Waiting on Your Love’.

An effortlessly mesmerising release ‘Waiting on Your Love’ is a catchy serenade that will have you thinking about that special someone, or should I say was. Emotive and raw Sam has created a track which would be perfect to accompany many rom-com films and television love story scenes. But also a song which would be wasted if not performed on a live stage, whether a festival on a hot summers day or a small cosy atmospheric pub.

Continually cementing himself as an artist to be watched and a sound which is so well-produced you’ll be shocked to hear it’s homegrown production, you will fall in love with Sam’s music whether you want to or not.

I will be keeping an eye out for his next gig as I’m sure his live performance would be something else!

So, give ‘Waiting on Your Love’ a listen below, and whilst you’re at it listen to his other releases:

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