Sam Thomas - Mr Sunshine

I had seen a lot of press about this track before I had the chance to give it a listen. Now it is understandable why! The northern music scene is absolutely on fire right now, and I can’t quite believe the amount of talent hailing from there.

Sam has been on the music scene for several years, from playing in varied bands of different genres – metal to punk, indie, and solo acoustic guitar-driven music. Is there anything he can’t put his mind to? Now, he tries his hand in the hip-hop world and it seems he has found his feet once again.

He describes his new project as being: “the most enjoyable to date, I’m proud of the current work and super excited to see what’s to come.”

So am I Sam!

The release of ‘Mr Sunshine’ comes as a sneaky preview of what’s to come from future mixtape ‘Progress’ which is set to be released later this year.

I have to say when listening to the song, it’s a complete juxtaposition to the title ‘Mr Sunshine’. Opening with a slow lo-fi beat, you can almost liken Sam’s sound to Wretch 32. We’re then met with the lyrics “starting out chill”, and the tone of the song further continues with a downbeat tone as Sam sings “I’m a loser.”

Mr Sunshine’ almost seems like a letter to himself and the people around him, whilst he’s sombre and reflects on the things he needs help on, he also says ‘I don’t need you to save me’. Telling us he’s strong fighting his battles, but sometimes he needs help – which we all do. He puts you in your place and makes you in awe of his fearlessness but at the same time, you’d help him if he let you.

I’m the king of my castle, no mess no hassle”.

Not only is the production of the song smooth, but the lyrics are also so clever. You truly feel as though you know Sam after you’ve listened to ‘Mr Sunshine’, he has put his heart on his sleeve and truly opened up to his fans. You can only admire that!

When talking about the lyrical content, Sam says: “it’s all about me, but not at all at the same time. It’s a reflection of how our feelings are created, not wanting to create a negative mentality, just pushing that every goal is achievable.”

I don’t think words can do Sam’s new track justice, you’ll have to give it a listen and make your own mind up.

Listen to ‘Mr Sunshine’ here:

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