“Shooting the Breeze“ by Mike Merton: a more Rock driven affair than before but one to check out

When I reviewed “Hollow Tree“ by Mike Merton, I thought it was a track that showed potential but now I’m listening to his latest single “Shooting the Breeze“ and you can tell it is leaps and bounds ahead of his previous work.

This latest song by Merton has all the elements of a great song in which he is able to execute them perfectly.

One thing that strikes you from the get-go is the ambient atmosphere that this song emits to the listener. The ever so slightly distorted guitar makes itself a prominent part of the track and one that is a constant throughout the song.

This song is different from his previous efforts in several ways including the fact that there is a more rocky feel throughout this tune than before. The vocals are just as good as ever and the lyrics are on par with that of “Hollow Tree“.

Throughout the first two minutes of this four-minute track, it is building up to something that keeps the listener engaged - something Merton achieves in his previous work. When the drums finally kick in, the beat gets going and everything blends together like butter.

When the song reaches its climax towards the end, the guitar work is very detailed and adds that extra layer to the overall feel this song provides.

Speaking of the guitar work, Merton's solo at the end fits this song unbelievably well and even though it is short, it is a great way to end off the track.

Whereas I wouldn’t exactly say that this is a catchy tune per say, it is very emotive and delivers its message just right.

With all of that in mind, “Shooting the Breeze“ is certainly a song I would recommend you go listen to. Just as with his previous work, Merton is creating great songs and is certainly an artist worth keeping your eye on.

Listen to 'Shooting The Breeze Here': https://open.spotify.com/track/7wIaspPn2RJQcgB6CVeGDe?si=406105b4fdc245e7

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