‘Skin’ - Sophia: a wonderfully produced track with a message we can all relate to

‘Skin’, the latest single by the north-east based Sophia has pop vibes, indie feels and even some *light* country qualities which come together nicely in this warm and atmospheric tune.

Released towards the end of last year in November, the song has already been able to garner up more than 2000 streams on Spotify. When listening to Sophia’s previous work, I found a stark difference between what she has done before and what is on display in her latest single. It is always good to see how musicians are able to adapt and change their sound, which is more than evident in her latest single.

As Sophia puts it, the emotional and isolated theme of this track comes from being in a situation with someone who used to make you feel happy and at home only to then not being able to look at them in the same way. It is a common situation and one that many of us will be able to relate to.

The song quickly moves on into the chorus, which is a catchy one to say the least. The beat drops and the rhythm section enters to the words “I don’t love you when I fall asleep”. In the official music video for this track, Sophia is walking alone along the Northumberland coast which reinforces the idea of how lonely a person can get, especially in today’s world.

To that end, Sophia has said that she worked on writing this song alone and that feeling certainly shows in the final product.

With support from NARC Magazine, Spark Radio and BBC Introducing, this could very well be Sophia’s year. If “Skin“ is anything to go by, I’m excited to see what comes next from the north-east local.

You can stream ‘Skin’ here:


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