Soul/RnB pop goddess Georgia Salacuri debut single ‘Nobody Knows’

Introducing Georgia Salacuri, singer-songwriter born and raised in South London. Her music whilst a blend of RnB, Soul and Pop carries her vocals perfectly and introduces us to a sound that I could liken to the great Amy Winehouse.

Teasing us with her first single, 'Nobody Knows' is a perfect release to begin her musical career. With her powerful, but ethereal vocals it's almost a love letter to her fans letting us know that there is more to come. Accompanied with a simple beat that allows Georgia's vocals to fill the track, she has created a relaxing soul tune which will wash your problems away.

You will be left wondering why on earth you haven't been introduced to Georgia Salacuri before. So give 'Nobody Knows' a listen below and expect to see her filling in slots at festivals very soon (lockdown permitted!)

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