Southampton trio The Strifes explode with debut single All day and Night

Fresh onto the music scene, Southampton indie-rock trio The Strifes have erupted with their brand-new single ‘All Day And Night’.

I have to say there’s a sweet story behind their formation, three long term best friends who originally formed the band early this year, they thought they’d give music a shot but didn’t expect anything serious to come from it. Well despite being in their infancy as a band, they’ve got some big things on the horizon: plenty of new music and live shows planned for 2021!

The Strifes are formed of Taylor Hopper (guitar and vocals), Dom Lawrence (Bass), and Kai Croissant (Drums).

Exploding into our ears with infectious rocking riffs and driving drumbeats ‘All day and Night’ carries the classic indie sound we all know and love but with The Strifes own take on it. It’s upbeat, truly anthemic, and addictive. You won’t want to stop playing it, and it looks like their fans feel the same as they’ve gained just over one thousand streams in just over two weeks! I love Taylor’s vocals, their powerful, harsh, and driven by lust.

When speaking of their debut single, frontman Taylor said “It’s all about finding someone and for that night you can’t stop thinking about them because they just have that effect on you.”

I’d say The Strifes sound could be likened to a fusion of bands: Arctic Monkeys, Fontaines DC, and The Snuts.

Blue Monday, how do ya feel?

You saviour it all for your Friday nights.

Why’d you put yourself on display, there’s a crowd gathering and they want to stay.

Your a mess, underdressed and they’ve came to see ya.

Tickets for a fiver, who do you think you,

Are and now I’m all alone again.

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