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Photo Credit: Luke Jones

Formed in 2015, Sugarthief consists of brothers Jack and Jordi James and close school friends Reece Downton and Luke Owen. Hailing from Birmingham, the four-piece is one of the most promising upcoming indie/alternative bands in the country.

I caught up with them this lockdown and was able to ask a few questions, I found out a bit about them and new music coming our way!

Give it a read below!

Hey guys! How are you all coping with this crazy lockdown situation? Have you been able to meet and rehearse?

We're all doing good! It's kind of weird because me (Jack) and Jordi were approaching our final year exams for Uni at the start of the year, so we put on hold playing shows to focus on recording in between studying. So we were oddly prepared for a pandemic that forced everyone to stop playing live!

We all took the lockdown seriously so haven’t met as a band because a few of us live in different cities, but we did do a load of quizzes together of course!

Nothing like keeping the band's spirit alive and doing a good quiz!

After the success of I Before E(P) released last year, can we look forward to any new release coming our way anytime soon? If so, could you tell us a little bit about them?

This year we've really focused on recording and lockdown was the perfect opportunity to work on all the stuff we recorded at the start of the year.

All of these recordings were done for the most part, live and have a different energy to the first EP but it's a direction we're really excited about! If anyone saw us live towards the end of last year, they will have heard a few songs that will be on EP no.2 AKA 'except after c'.

We’re not far off finishing EP no.2 and we’ve got another special project that you can expect to find out more about soon, I don’t want to give too much away though!

Ooh, I can’t wait for this! I shall be keeping an eye out!

I’m interested, so how did the name ‘Sugarthief’ come about?

Well Jordi and I had been playing for a while as a duo and when we formed a band we spent months debating over a name! I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but Jordi was looking online at popular words of the year or month and both 'sugar' and 'thief' was there. He created some logos based on it and the word looked nice on paper, people seemed to think they recognised the name when they didn't, so we rolled with it.

As a band who are you inspired by? Are there any artists that influence your sound?

Our inspirations change constantly which I think is why our sound evolves a lot too. Originally, it was a mix of indie and anything rock/psych from the '60s like Dylan and The Beatles etc. But, more recently we've been getting really into funk, jazz and anything in between.

It's influenced our sound a lot so our new stuff is definitely a bit more funky and jazzy, but still sounds like us!

What would be your dream artist collaboration and why? Anyone at all, the world is your oyster!

I think all of us would have a different answer for that! But as a band, I think a jam album with BADBADNOTGOOD and/or Conan Mockisin would be the dream!

Ooh, I’ll have to check them out!

If you could play any festival what would it be and why?

There’s always been a few festivals that I won't go to until we play it just to (hopefully) get that really special first time there and it gives me that extra little motivation!

The top of that list is Glasto, I think it’s just like a right of passage almost to play there because of its history and how important and huge it still is today!

That would be epic, Glasto is definitely on my list also!

One that we did manage to tick off that list is the Isle of Wight Festival and we really did have one of the craziest weekends of our lives! It seems my theory has worked so far!

Photo credit: Luke Jones

Finally, what is your favourite song at the moment?

The most recent song I’ve been obsessed with is Chameleon by Herbie Hancock, I just got the record too! I would argue it has one of the best bass lines of all time!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, hopefully I get to see you live soon!

Check Sugarthief out on Spotify below!

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