Sunflower Thieves - Don't Mind The Weather

Soul sisters Amy and Lily are back with their gorgeous new single ‘Don’t Mind The Weather’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Fenne Lily, the pop-folk duo combines rich harmonies and honest lyrics to create breath-taking singles, one after the other. ‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ draws the listener in with a magical soundscape, soft double-tracked vocals, and delicate harmonies, based around natural world themes and feeling safe.

“‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ translates as, ‘don’t worry, this is where you’re grounded and safe’, a tale of wanting to make the most of that feeling and stay inside. The message conveyed is that no matter how the seasons and weather may change, the gravitational pull of the moon - the person you feel safe with - will keep you grounded and safe. We based it on the moon’s relationship with the tides, and the idea that it’s easy to get swept away in everything that’s going on, but that there’s beauty in that, and the relationship with this person overcomes it all anyway.”

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