Szou - Utopia

Manchester electro-pop artist Szou releases a new tune ‘Utopia’ as a follow-up to her previous single ‘Dystopia’. Influenced by other electro-pop sensations such as Christine and the Queens, Sigrid, and Disclosure, Szou has every ability to be as a bigger name as those she is inspired by.

With ‘Dystopia’ emphasising the fear we all experienced at the beginning of lockdown, ‘Utopia’ takes a brighter, more optimistic approach to the pandemic. Predicting a hopeful future of mass euphoria that celebrates the end of the pandemic, bring it on!

I absolutely love ‘Utopia’, from Szou’s beautiful vocals to her superlative songwriting and the instrumentals present the instrumentals. A stand out part for me is the build-up to the chorus, featuring zestful dancing beats that will have you moving and fizzing electronic melodies as Szou's voice takes center stage and she sings “when this is over, there’ll be one big party”. I can just imagine the first time hearing this, whether a club, festival, or rave, and losing yourself in ‘Utopia’.

Another artist which is one to watch in 2020 and beyond. I can't wait to hear more from her!

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