The Common View - The Way We Are Born

The Common View has had a busy year, they’ve released three singles before 'The Way We Are Born'. If you weren’t aware they are, ‘If Not Now, When?’, ‘Go To Hell’ and previously reviewed by The M Word ‘You Are Lost in The Old Age’.

Since bursting onto the Leeds music scene in 2018, the quartet has had success after success. Gigging regularly for the past two years, endless creativity resulting in regular brand-new singles, extensive radio play, gaining attention from BBC Introducing H&W, and the support for their current fundraiser to record their debut album.

I’ll add the link for their fundraiser to this review, and if you donate your name will be featured in the album credits! Pretty cool, huh?

The pandemic has raised many issues with how we live our lives, not just personally but also globally. In this single, The Common View has tried to describe this the best way they can and they have done it so well. It’s not just your average indie-rock song you can expect from any band, it’s carefully crafted, holds meaning and I believe it could be one of the best songs musically to come out of this pandemic.

I love the authentic vocals from Jacob and Dom, which are complemented perfectly in the two-track single by the bass and drums. Whilst listening to ‘The Way We Are Born’ you can really resonate with the lyrics, “time moves so slow / days on repeat” I’m sure we’ve all felt like this throughout the pandemic, I know I have.

“How have you been, it seems so long?

Not much has changed since the last time we talked.”

I love The Common View, I personally think they are one of the best indie-rock bands on the music scene at the moment. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them, but for now, give them some support, play their songs on Spotify, and check out their Instagram.

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