The Common View - You Are Lost in The Old Age

The amount of musical talent bursting onto the scene today is outstanding, the lockdown has allowed musicians to focus on their creativity and make some incredible music. And The Common View, have certainly followed suit. The five-piece erupted onto the Leeds music scene in 2018 inspired by classic indie pop-punk/post-punk revival bands. I could not say their style fits a certain genre, they create their own style and do it so perfectly. Attracting a cool three thousand plus listeners a month, the band have certainly attracted an audience. A fan from the beginning, I love their music and how Dom’s vocals are able to deliver powerful messages; commenting on issues of everyday life and society, and being advocates for social justice, equality and human rights.

Their passion for writing and producing topical, hard-hitting songs with socially relevant messages, is further reflected in the track “You Are Lost in The Old Age” which speaks about the issues of social injustice. Following the story of an intolerant gentleman stuck in his old ways, passing judgement onto a number of different people, but finds himself in trouble and helped by the individuals that he is so against. Their message is driven strongly with an incredible instrumental start, throbbing guitars and dramatic drumming, balanced by confident vocals leaving the listener unable to not dance. A guaranteed headbanger at their next gig.

The boys started to record their single before lock down in the studios at The Uni of Leeds, and have since produced and finished it themselves by collaborating over lock down. You can certainly admire their determination to produce the perfect track for their fans.

A band that for sure will be headlining your favourite festivals next summer, lock down allowing. Stream their song below and follow their socials for updates!

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