The Motive - You / Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain)

London boys The Motive is here with a new two-track single ‘You/Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain) and it’s everything we could’ve wanted and more.

The opening track ‘You’ pulls you in and immerses you into another banger from the London-based band. It's an intimate love letter full of adoration for the person in question, we know this as Max sings with passion ‘it’s all about you’. I have to say this was a standout lyric for me, as I’m sure we’ve all felt this way or wanted someone to feel this way about us.

The song has elements of reflection to it, “I’m still looking for an answer.. and I hate the feeling that I could have done things better.” This situation is not a good one to be in, ever. As ‘You’ comes to an end, Max seems to have realised things won’t change – “it’s all about you wasting my time.. I’ll never need you”. It’s almost a kick in the face to the lover, but one which needed to happen. The lyrics will resonate with you, I know I felt them right in the heart.

As the first track ends, it blends effortlessly into the second ‘Meet Me (In The Pouring Rain). Starting with a recording of raindrops, which then lead into almost a psychedelic and relaxed intro – it perfectly sets the rhythm for this song. It’s different in contrast to the previous track, ‘You’ but works so well. I love the versatility of The Motive. It’s stripped-back, full of emotive guitar instrumentals and a slower melody which allows Max’s vocals to come to the front and tell the story ‘it’s clear I’ll never be the same / so meet me in the pouring rain / until we see the sunlight again’.

I just quite simply love this band more and more with each release and I cannot recommend ‘You/Meet Me (in The Pouring Rain)’ anymore.

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