The New Consistent ft. Charlotte Lennon – Turn Off All The Screens

With no releases since July 2019, The New Consistent has taken his time to perfect his craft. Well, it’s certainly paid off. He explains: “I wanted to take a step back, learn my craft, and really write music that I was 100% proud of releasing, something that represented me completely.”

Today, he releases his brand-new single, titled ‘Turn Off All The Screens’, and I have to say I was drawn to the title of the song before I’d even heard it. Sometimes you need to turn off all your screens and just observe life moving around you.

Written and produced by Ben himself, ‘Turn Off All The Screens’ flows effortlessly as soon as it begins. You’ll feel at peace when you listen and be able to make comparisons to Loyle Carner and Wolf Alice as soon as the remarkable female vocals kick in. It’s a stunning blend of vocals and Charlotte’s arrive at just the right time.

The lyrics are intimate, with a chorus that begs to be stuck in your head for days. My favourite lyric is “there’s unfound happiness trying to make something out of nothing” / “while my hearts ravenous, my head tells me I’m bluffing”. Ben’s accent echoes throughout his delivery, he makes It unique, and in my opinion that makes the song even more authentic – why pretend to be something you’re not?

It’s real, it’s raw and it’s incredibly impressive. You’ll be left sitting melancholy after listening and aching for more.

“It’s the first release from my upcoming EP ‘ ‘Turn Off All The Screens’ describes my feelings towards the world that I find myself in, and that others constantly find themselves in on a daily basis, shedding light on some of the thoughts that are not often spoken about during such times.”

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