The Red Stains - Freezer Jesus

Manchester's 'The Red Stains' have summoned rebellion and made it dance with their new single.

Freezer Jesus is a catchy, oddball single from The Red Stains. The lyrics flirt with satire and cutting commentary on commercialism with the ease of a seasoned writer. The feeling that they could write something 'better', but it's more fun this way.

Natalie Emslie commands the song with her vocal presence - barking 'who needs gods when you’ve got shops' with more commitment than Tories have to dismantle the working class. See? Even I have been turned into an anti-capitalist nut thanks to this song, and I'm meant to be unbiased!

The instrumentation is wonderful, and a listen on headphones opens up a whole new sonic palette to a song that could just be mistaken for a punk rehash. The drums have an indie dance flavour that turns this potential headbanger into a footmover, the bass grooving with precision and bite.

For me, the keyboards are where the song sets itself apart from anything I've heard - arpeggios rise and fall relentlessly alongside Zelda-esque organic synths, played with such fun and levity that it contrasts wonderfully with the driving rhythm section and the bombastic vocals.

This single further cements their unique sound and identity, building on the themes of their debut single 'Mannequin', this has more personality and more urgency - progress in every sense. Keep your eyes peeled for more Red Stains...

Give it a listen here:

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