The Red Stains - Mannequin

Full of attitude, I’d like to introduce you to The Red Stains, a four-piece post-punk pop band from Manchester. They have just released their debut track ‘Mannequin’, the song isn’t usually my type of genre, but I was heavily invested as soon as it began. A song about objectification in their very own style, almost in a sarcastic way “you can objectify me for desire and fun” and “I’m a mannequin just a body”. Never having heard a song addressing this, it certainly made a lasting impression on me. Even when turning the song off I still thought about the lyrics.

The Red Stains have made quite a racket already, and I can’t imagine them quieting down now. They give off a fierce, highly energetic sound and I am 100% here for it.

A band that will be top of my to-see list!

Stream ‘Mannequin’ below!

Photo credits: Andi Callen

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