The Rooves continue to astound with latest slice of indie excellence ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

The thing that got me first about The Rooves, was not only the sensational female vocals from lead singer Charlotte but the instrumentals that accompany her vocals ever so perfectly. They are in their entirety one of the most promising upcoming indie/alt bands bouncing around the music scene to date!

Another stellar band from the great town that is Chesterfield, and comprises of Brendon Potgieter (Drums), Charlotte Henry (Lead Vocals), Dan Haines (guitar), Leyton Ramsdale (Guitar) and Ross Castledine (Bass).

It has groove, soul and everything in between – ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ sees an exceptional guitar introduction, which progresses throughout the song and is impressively catchy and attention grabbing. The vocals in this song are effortlessly flawless along with the lyrics – I can’t wait to be at their next gig and witness this performed live!

Give them some support and listen to ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ below:

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