The Royston Club - Debut EP 'This State I'm In'

Wrexham’s up and coming indie boys, The Royston Club are back with their stellar debut EP ‘The State I’m In’. The quartet hasn’t been together long but since forming in 2018, they have gone from strength to strength. Numerous gigs and releases later, they have amassed well over 200,000 streams on Spotify. Consisting of good friends, Tom Faithfull (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Sam Jones (drums), Dave Tute (bass) and Ben Matthias (lead guitarist and main songwriter).

Bringing some happiness to this ever-changing confusing time, ‘This State I’m In’ is an excellent distraction. Beginning with ‘Young’ a song which appeals to anyone, despite whether you’re young in age or young at heart. The lyrics ‘I’m only older when it suits me’ certainly resonates, the boys light-heartedly discuss the challenges that young people face and sprinkle in some exhilarating guitar riffs to keep you dancing. Familiar tracks ‘Mariana’ and ‘Believe it or not’ feature on this EP, but despite being previously released, it doesn’t make them any less of a treat to our ears. ‘Tangled up’ reveals a slower, emotional side to The Royston Club before the beat drops and the drums are introduced. Proving that the boys are more than capable of producing tracks which are different from their usual sound.

A side note because I know you’ll be interested. Did anyone else want to know how their band name came about? I’ll admit, I had a few ideas, but I wouldn’t have guessed this. ’Our name is stolen from an old man’s club near our guitarist's grandparents’ house’.

So I’ll end my review on that, all it leaves is for you to click the link below and check out ‘This State I’m In’ on Spotify:

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