The Sound of Modesty - Stalemate

Previously playing the drums in alt-indie band Once A Week Won’t Kill You, Yvonne Han discovered her own exclusive songwriting style and in 2018 went onto creating as ‘The Sound of Modesty’.

Releasing her debut EP, ‘Eye: The Cauldron of Morning’ cemented her as an independent artist with immeasurable potential.

I wish I had been familiar with The Sound Of Modesty before crafting this review, she made me question whether I had been living under a rock oblivious to all of the incredible artists I am discovering this lockdown.

Fiercely powerful and unique, ‘Stalemate’ is the song you have been searching for, whether you were aware or not. Lasting five minutes and twenty-three seconds we are taken on a rollercoaster of sounds and emotions, with a haunting melody present throughout, writhing cymbal screeches that slink into the track and all-consuming guitar work. The song tells the heartbreaking story of a mother and son ravaged by war, as they spend their final nights together in silence.

Give ‘Stalemate’ a listen below:

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