The Wordsmen have made their debut with fiery indie alt-rock single ‘Spilt’

Despite only forming ten months ago, The Wordsmen shrug off their infancy as a band fitting together perfectly and oozing enough confidence, talent, and swagger they could be likened to a young version of The Strokes.

The Exeter-based quartet comprises of Jamie Harper (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Hector Lea (Lead Guitar), Alex Evans (Bass Guitar), and Brian Bryne (Drums).

‘Spilt’ is a quite literally a chaotic masterpiece, the boys give everything they’ve got in this first release – vocally and instrumentally. From this tune, you can tell the boys don’t want to fit into a box with a genre, and why should they? The single is an energetic fusion of Indie, Punk, and Rock and it’s epic.

I watch my love for you

Fizzing at the bottom of a beer bottle

And I know if I wanted to

I could be the one to lose it all

Cus I spilt my heart I spilt my heart

I spilt my heart

Give ‘Spilt’ a listen below:

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