Tom Swan 'Silver Lining' EP release

I am excited to introduce Tom Swan, scouse born and bred artist diving in with his first release in the form of four-track EP ‘The Silver Lining’ recorded in his basement studio.

The first track is named after the EP and a perfect introduction, ‘Silver Lining’ is a jangly-indie pop summer tune. Talking about the person in your life who always helps you see past the clouds, Tom sings ‘you’re my silver lining’.

Next, we have ‘Apart’ a sad-pop breakup track, about attempting to save a relationship but in the end, you’re not sure why you bother. I think we’ve all been, there haven’t we? The combination of the 80’s synth and vocals which will take your heart and place it in Tom’s hands while we soar through the masterpiece that is the Silver Lining EP.

The third track, titled ‘Setting Sun’ cements a halfway point through the EP where we are introduced to Tom’s ability to cover and produce a different sound and still make it sound like his own. If you hadn’t already, you will fall in love with Tom’s voice on this track.

To end, we are presented with ‘memory’. A well-crafted, sad but beautiful song telling the story of a man’s final reflection. Talking to his child before he passes, the song features the most important lyric ‘you can count the days or make the days count’.

Tom Swan has a strong authentic voice and an incredible talent for writing and producing music. With many more releases coming very soon, you should keep an eye on his social media and stream ‘The Silver Lining’ below:

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