Tony Goff & The Broken Colours - Rearrange

Introducing funk into rock in the best way, whilst giving you the feel-good factor at the same time – I’d like to introduce, Tony Goff & The Broken Colours. Hailing from High Wycombe, the quartet are here with their latest release ‘Rearrange’.

Despite being written ahead of the pandemic, Tony believes now that it makes more sense than ever, due to us having to ‘rearrange’ our lives. Quite frankly I agree.

The message: “When you find yourself in a dark place for whatever reason like I found myself, you need to find the light. So I wrote this song to motivate me and other’s to give us the strength to not give up and chase our dreams no matter what.”

We’re offered a cheerful sounding instrumental – catchy guitar hooks, jazzy trumpet and on top of all of that, we have Tony’s impressive vocals that will further entice you. Here you have a song that will make a room full of people groove, regardless of music taste.

I have to say it definitely gave me Red Rum Club vibes, maybe they are following in their footsteps?

“Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith.. Do what scares you, baby don’t ever hesitate”

Give it a listen below:

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