two pound - shower beer

I’ll admit one thing, I did what you’re not supposed to do and judged a book by the cover. But looking past my preconceived opinions, two pound hold their own unique sound and own it so well.

On first listen I was unsure what to make of ‘shower beer’, a lot of elements hit you hard and all at once which can leave you feeling a bit confused. But as the song continued it can only be described as a mad, random jazzy song with hints of the blues here and there. The male vocals fit perfectly with the most amazing female backing vocals, which are then followed by a series of incredible guitar solos and then the song goes completely mad.

As the review ends, I’m aware of how I have stumbled to describe ‘shower beer’ but please, listen to it yourself and fathom your own opinions. Amongst its craziness, two pound have come together and created something unique to bring to the music industry, which I believe will take them far.

Stream it below,

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