Vandebilt - Feel

Born under the hot sun of the South of France; where the band spent some time last summer recording, ‘Feel’ pays homage to that summer-romance, a never-ending summers night or that blurry euphoria you can’t quite cling onto. Its housey four to the floor groove, salty calypso breakdowns and heady vocals hits you with a hazy summer hue, longing to reignite that fading high.”

Hailing from Sunderland, Electronic funk-punk outfit Vandebilt release new summer romance floor-filler titled ‘feel’. If you’re fed up with this horrid weather and want to be somewhere hot, ‘feel’ will transport you to the land of ice-cold beers and dancing all day long without a care in the world.

As the first release since 'Broken' back in April, 'feel' gives you everything you’d hope for in a summer anthem – smooth vocals, glistening pop melodies and a vast variety of instrumentation.

It's the soundtrack to your summer, so what are you waiting for? Give it a listen below:

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